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Product name:Ethylene
: 74-85-1
Molecular Formula: C2H4
Molecular Weight: 28.05
Product description:Mainly used as with the manufacture EVA resin and vinyl acetate copolymerization monomer of VAE emulsion, used in the manufacture of adhesive, coating, etc. Ethylene is a basic raw material of petrochemical industry, application is very broad. In terms of synthetic material, a large number of used in the production of polyethylene, vinyl chloride and PVC, ethylbenzene, styrene and polystyrene, as well as ethylene propylene rubber and so on. In organic synthesis, widely used in the synthesis of ethanol, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, propionic aldehyde and propionic acid and its derivatives of the basic raw material for organic synthesis; The halide can be chlorinated ethylene, chlorinated ethane, bromine ethane; Of gather system of alpha olefin and production of higher alcohols, alkyl benzene, etc., for the development of synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber, is the basic raw material for organic synthesis, and fine chemicals, such as pesticide, medicine, dyestuff, coatings, additives, surfactants, spices and ion exchange resin, etc., can provide abundant basic chemical raw materials.

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