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Food was magic or natural preservatives can kill cancer cells

Nisin is a naturally present in dairy food preservatives, which may be able to carry out the ultimate elimination of two human diseases, namely cancer and fatal resistant bacteria kill. Recently, an international journal published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy on research papers, the researchers from the University of Michigan study found that taking rat milkshake containing nisin in nine weeks after the body has 70 percent to 80 % of head and neck cancer cell will die, and will extend the lifetime of rats.

The researchers then studied the effect on Yvonne Kapila nisin on cancerous tumors and found that after nine weeks nisin therapy, tumor size and tumor size quite three weeks after researchers revealed low concentrations of milk Nisin positive test result, and in this article the researchers used a high purity can be doubled nisin discovered efficacy against tumors, mice were given 800 mg / kg dose of nisin intake for adults is equivalent to cloth ketoprofen / kg one-third as large.

Nisin is an odorless, colorless powder, which can be 0.25 至 37.5 mg / kg ratio added to foods, many foods contain this substance, but nowhere near the level can kill cancer cells, i.e., 800 mg / kg. Many consumers are present in food intake nisin, the researchers say, nisin also can help protect against resistant MRSA, in a recent review article, Kapila through experiments observed nisin treatment effect of 30 different cancers, skin infections, respiratory system and celiac disease and the like.