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Depth analysis of the human body microbe accelerate health improvement

"American Association for the Advancement of Science Evolutionary Biology Group on Contemporary Medicine and Public Health" conference recently on Christina Warinner researchers published in "The Evolution and Ecology of Our Microbial Self" (our own microbial ecology and evolution group school) as the theme of the speech, attended by researchers explored many major events, such as the impact of the advent of agriculture and industrialization invention of the human microbiome. Warinner said that our findings in the past 2000 years in human behavior affects the intestinal microflora and microbial communities have been interfered with, but after that we can improve health, but we also understand the relevant circumstances ancestors microbiome ; sample the ancient past allows us to go in a particular time and place to change human microbiome is measured directly.

Warinner researchers and colleagues Cecil M. Lewis The main reconstruction of ancient human oral cavity and intestinal microbial groups, thus explaining some of the problems, such as the relationship between human beings and how microbial communities change over time, as well as our bodies affect different groups of microbes population health and diseases. As early as 2014 Warinner just published in the Nature Genetics article describes the characteristics of the ancient people of oral microbiome metagenomics and macros proteomic analysis of 2015 she has conducted extensive research to identify the ancient people calculus of milk protein and rebuilt prehistoric European milk practice activities products industry, the same year Warinner and follow an international research team published the first South American hunting human intestinal microbiome major research and found that Treponema industrialized society people missing ancient microbial organism.