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Rare lung cells or can play sensors to regulate the body's immune response

Last year, Sanofi reduced tumor size division. But less than a year, Sanofi regroup in preparation for the development and commercialization of the current competition into the field of cancer immunotherapy to flex its muscles intense, despite the industry's view that Sanofi has been in the field far behind Merck and Bristol Such competitors.

Sanofi has recently reached an agreement with the French pharmaceutical Innate Pharma to jointly promote immunotherapy natural killer cells.

The R & D agreements worth 400 million euros, Sanofi hopes to make joint efforts with Innate Pharma, we developed a new type of bispecific antibody capable of targeting NKp46 receptor, thereby activating natural killer cells, to destroy the tumor cells in vitro . The so-called "bispecific antibody" refers on the one hand can be combined natural killer cells (NK cells) receptor, one can target the tumor cell surface antigen, so as to provide a new way to attack tumor cells.

Sanofi signed a Innate news, the company's stock price soared 11% immediately.

However, this does not Sanofi tumor immunotherapy in recent years in the most generous. Sanofi last summer with the old partner regeneration yuan (Regeneron) signed $ 1.8 billion agreement, declared a PD-1 / PD-L1 field, the two sides will jointly develop PD-1 immunotherapy and other new antibody class REGN2810 tumor immunotherapy.