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Early to lose weight, stay away from diabetes

If young people aged obese before you can change some bad habits, then they have the opportunity to avoid a life-threatening disease.

The study compared the body mass index (BMI) of young and middle-aged obese when, and whether to observe obesity can affect their heart disease, stroke or diabetes, the risk of attack.

The results show that if men age 21 BMI value is high, but in their age 50 BMI value decreased, and this young man with normal weight people have diabetes is similar to or lower than the probability of them.

The study used a unique method is to use male military service record, on the record recorded their BMI values ​​21 years of age and 30 years after they were followed up.

Professor Christopher Owen St. George's University of London, led the study, said participation in "high BMI values ​​of early life is reversible." Even with slim compared to those in the young men, obese men in early adulthood after age increases the risk of higher risk of diabetes. "He said.

"However, the effect of early weight after subsequent weight loss success seems to be reversible. These findings on the prevention of type 2 diabetes is important, especially with the recent highly obese adult-related."

This study investigated nearly 5,000 people, found that young people without higher BMI values ​​of heart attack or stroke is almost no chance, however, when 50-year-old male obese increases the risk of heart attack, stroke or diabetes.