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The new study found the key target for the treatment of deadly brain cancer

Pleomorphic glioblastoma, a particularly deadly type of cancer. After the diagnosis of patients in general, even with the best treatment can only survive 15 months. Recently, researchers from the Salk Institute have discovered a key mechanism of this rapidly proliferating tumor cells as well as methods targeting the tumor growth target will be the "engine" to cancer treatment. Research results published in the Journal of Science sub Science Advances.
In order to study multiforme glioblastoma how it spreads, the researchers focused on the control of gene expression in a series of destiny --NF-kB transcription factor studied. They use a series of experiments show how abnormal activity of NF-kB promoting cancer cell proliferation, and inhibition of NF-kB activity is how slow the growth of cancer cells and increase the survival rate of cancer individuals.
The research team first use of an pleomorphic glioblastoma mouse model study, they used two methods of inhibiting intracellular NF-kB activity: Over-expression of which can suppress the activity of NF-kB protein --IkBaM and the elimination of enhancing the activity of NF-kB, a key enzyme. As the NF-kB activity is reduced, slowed tumor growth in mice, the survival time of mice was significantly extended.