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Microbial cells in the human body and a considerable number of

Scientists often say that the number of bacteria in our bodies and other microorganisms far exceeds the number of own cells, about ten-to-one relationship; Recently, however, a new study from scientists in Canada and Israel, perhaps you can get rid of people previous view, the researchers say, the ratio between the number of microorganisms stranger the body and human cells is likely to be one to one relationship.

The researchers said Ron Milo, a standard man (70 kg, 20-30 years old and 1.7 meters high) average body contains 30 trillion and 39 trillion bacterial cells, these two figures are almost similar; perhaps some human organism contains the digital half or twice the number of bacteria, but more than previously thought 10: 1 relationship much more. Number of body cells and microbial communities close enough, and after each bowel movement would probably flip the ratio between the number of human cells and bacteria.

Between the body and the number of microbial cells in 10: 1 relationship is 1972 scientist Thomas Luckey proposed this knowledge continues to this day; researcher Judah Rosner 2014 financed from the United States National Institutes of Health to express their 10: suspect a relationship, he pointed out, we did not have very good and very accurate estimate of the number of human body cells and microbial cells.