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Animal data quality facing a severe situation

While many mainstream medical journals published articles in death or outflow of patients in clinical trials have detailed reports, but animal studies seldom provide this data. Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl research group from the Charité Medical University presented this view in its publication on "plos biology" magazine article. This phenomenon will make the results vary.

Another study also published in the magazine. The main author is an epidemiologist John Ioannidis from the Stanford University. Professor Ioannidis has repeatedly called for improving the repetition rate and the level of transparency of scientific research, and severely criticized the phenomenon of biomedical research data availability and deficiency of the lack of detailed experimental procedure.

Dirnagl Study Group reviewed the 100 basic research on cancer and stroke would be published in 2000 to 2013, these studies involved animal experiments, and they compared the articles and results of some of the information about the number of animals. Two-thirds of the study did not clearly indicate whether there has been artificially discarded animal data occurred. In the remaining portion of the article related note, approximately 30% (53 experiments) said they did give up a part of human animal data, but only 14 studies explained why.